Research Proposal: Social Media

Research Proposal: Social Media. In the modern world, it is undeniable that the use of social media has greatly increased to levels that affect our social life. The popularity of social media comes with advantages such as the satisfaction of psychological human needs. In contrast, social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter have often been used by people in disguise to spread cyber bullying.

Expert opinions confirm that the use of social media as a marketing strategy to promote a business cannot be underestimated. In recent years, social media users have gradually transformed their usual chitchats to meaningful conversations as well as marketing their businesses. The addition of business content to blogs, for example, can be an efficient way to advertise a business (Husain, Ghufran & Chaubey, 2016). Additionally, social media marketing allows customers to provide feedback enabling business owners to know how consumers receive their products and services.

Research Proposal: Social Media

Nowadays, many businesses are using social media to collect data as well as carry out research by reaching a specific target market. According to Lomborg and Bechmann (2014), after posting some relevant content on a social media account, the business usually collects the resulting data and analyzes it in order to make informed decisions regarding the viability of the data.

Even though social media is useful to a business in myriad ways, this is not to say that it does not have its drawbacks. Social media usage among workers offers a lot of distractions and eventually decreases their work output (Belangee, Bluvshtein & Haugen, 2015). Many people, for example, are obsessed with Facebook and Twitter and therefore find it difficult to keep off using their mobile phones and computers. This obsession reduces the time such workers allocate to their jobs which reduces their productivity.


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