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I have posted some Potential Research Projects  to choose from. Please go over both documents and when you are ready to select/propose a project, please submit Deliverable 1: Research Project Initial Proposal . Please note that there will be four (4) deliverables with the following scheduled due dates:
 Deliverable 1: Research Project Initial Proposal (due: Thursday 7/25)
Deliverable 2: Dataset, Data Analysis, and Math Modeling (due: Wednesday 8/7)
Deliverable 3: Research Project Paper Draft (optional) (due: Thursday 8/15)
Deliverable 4: Final Research Paper (due: Wednesday 8/14)
I posted two sample project proposals from past semesters so that you get an idea of what it’s expected:

01_SampleResearchProjectProposal (uplaoded)
02_SampleResearchProjectProposal (uploaded)

I also posted some recommended Research Paper Guidelines which will prove useful when you start writing your research paper (Deliverables 3 and 4). Cheers,

Potential Research Projects
1. Case Studies from Chapters: 8, 12, and 20 of textbook;
2.  Proposed Projects List (*)
Deliverable 1: Research Project Initial Proposal
Research project proposals should include project title, problem statement, your proposed solution, and proposed research methodology/strategy. If the problem is complex, you might want to include an introduction describing the problem domain and any potential datasets you plan to use. Upload your proposal in word, pdf, or text formats

Research Paper Guidelines