Research Paper – Supply Management and Procurement

Research Paper – Supply Management and Procurement.

Use at least one project you have been a team member of, or a project manager for, as an example to contextualize the research topics below: PROJECT: Purchase Program Manager for VA Medical Center – Remodeling of Laboratory.

All the following topics must be addressed:

• Introduction, Thesis Statement, and Conclusion
• Define the importance Supply Management and Procurement and how this relates to selecting qualified suppliers.
• Discuss how to select strategies for Negotiating Prices.
• Assemble the steps of creating a project supply, service, and material budget from detailed requirements.
• Illustrate the benefits and costs of outsourcing, and the growth pattern of outsourcing.
• Evaluation of the various organizations that are benchmarks in supply management and procurement, and their best practices.
• Provide specific examples of companies who show market leadership in supply management and procurement.

Writing the Research Paper

The Final Paper:
• Must be ten double-spaced pages in length (No Tables, Graphs, Images, and Appendices).
• APA format, 12pt – Times New Roman
• Total of 5 scholarly sources in addition to the text (text attached) – Consider the validity of your resources carefully before using them in academic papers. It is recommended to use examples from your professional experience where possible.
• Must begin with an introductory paragraph that has a succinct thesis statement.
• Must address the topic of the paper with critical thought.
• Must end with a conclusion that reaffirms your thesis.
• Must document all sources in APA style
• Must include a separate reference page, formatted according to APA style

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