NOTE: Choose ONE of the questions listed below the chapter reading assignments as your research paper topic. Use APA guidelines. You are to provide citations and have a minimum of 10 citations. These citations must be from peer-reviewed works (Journals, Books, Government/Industry Papers, Master’s and Doctoral Dissertations).
Read in Kizza:
Title: Guide to Computer Network Security (Computer Communications & Networks) 
Author: Kizza, Joseph Migga 
Edition/Copyright: 4 th, 2017
ISBN: 978-3319556055.  
Please see the attachment for the above textbook.

Chapter 1 – Computer Network Fundamentals
What is a Wireless WAN? What kind of technology can be used in it? Is this the wave of the future?
Network technology is in transition. Discuss the direction of network technology.
Chapter 2 – Understanding Network Security
Discuss two security mechanisms applied at the application layer. Are they safer than those applied at the lower network layer? Support your answer.
Are there security mechanisms applicable at transport layer? Is it safer?
Chapter 3 – Security Threats to Computer Networks
Research the effects on industrial espionage and write a detailed account of a profile of a person who sells and buys industrial secrets. What types of industrial secrets are likely to be traded?
Study and suggest the best ways defend the critical national infrastructure from potential hackers.
The research paper must follow the pattern listed below;
* Select your topic. Explain why you selected the topic and include a theological statement. (250 – 350 words)
*  What are the key issues about the topic you selected?  (250 – 350 words)
 * Compare and contrast your topic as it relates to Internet and network security. (250 – 350 words)
*  What hacking attacks can be applied to your topic? (250 – 350 words)
*  What are the countermeasures which can be applied to prevent these attacks? (250 – 350 words)
*  What is the future of this topic in regards to technology? (250 – 350 words)
*  What are future issues to be concerned with about your topic? (250 – 350 words)
Make sure you pay attention to each of the following:

Use APA guidelines.
Check your spelling and grammar
Include at least 10 peer-reviewed sources.
Add narrative transitions where appropriate.
Include a Table of Contents.
Include a References section in the back.

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