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HLSC 520 Outline Instructions
To begin the writing process of the research paper, you are to prepare an outline in APA alphanumeric format. The outline should include a title page, thesis statement or abstract, a conclusion of at least three sentences, and a reference page. Within your outline, show the major points and research to be discussed in your paper.  Include both supportive and opposing research. The reference page should include a minimum of five scholarly sources. 
Outline Example:
A. Subtopic one
1. Research 
B. Subtopic two
1. Research 
2. Research 
A. Subtopic one
B. Subtopic two
C. Subtopic three
1. Research
a. Additional details
b. Additional details
*Think of each main idea as a body paragraph in your paper. You may include as many points as needed under each main idea and subtopic. Adjust the sub-headings to fit your paper. The purpose of the outline is to keep your paper focused. It will help you logically think through the writing of your paper as well as organize your research. 
An example of an APA alphanumeric outline can be found here. 

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