Research paper on Uganda.

Write in APA format and make sure to include the name of the country and the names of all group members. Copy the map from the country’s page on the website and state the income level (shown upper left). Then, give the values and short definitions of the following indicators, including the year for each:

GDP (current US$)
Population, total
GDP per capita (current US$)
FDI Inflows
FDI Outflows
Balance of Payments
Exchange Rates and System
Industry Ratios, Intra-industry, etc.
Quotas and Tariffs
Trade Rounds, if any
Regional Trade Agreements
Other Trade Agreements
Trade to GDP Ratio
Comparative Advantage/Absolute Advantages
Poverty headcount ratio at $1.25 a day (PPP) (% of population)
One additional indicator of your choice. Give a brief explanation why the group finds this indicator interesting.

 Important Information that should be included:

Background on country and recent trade agreements;
Progressive discussion of trade agreements, international economic expansion, and formation over time;
Discussion of economic data listed above;
Current status of the country within an international economic framework;
Current trade policy instituted by the government and central bank;
Monetary policies;
Fiscal policies;
Future of the country; and
You may include other relevant information in the project. The first eight points are only a guide to help you set up your paper and presentation.

Note: Not all indicators are available for all countries. If a particular indicator is not available for your chosen country, just write not available. Maximum word count: 4500 words does not include tables, charts, graphs, or reference page.

NOTE: Collect information about the country from the Countries and Economies (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. page on the World Bank website and select a country (another good source is sOECD Statistics (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.)