Research paper of 8 to 9 pages

I need a research paper for English composition II. The paper should be atleast 8 to 9 pagers long and should be written in MLA format. I need this paper by November 29 before 11 am in the morning please cause it’s due by 1pm in the same afternoon. 

The paper should prove the fact that through the stories “The Black Cat” and “The angel of odd” by Edgar Allen Poe,  Poe has tried to show ego and insanity leads a person to his darkest self.  You need to connect this idea with freudian theory and present each ideas and also do intext citation in every paragraphs. Use at least 12 intext citation and use a valid library database for citation. 
First give the introduction of at least a page and include a thesis statement at the end of first paragraph and make the thesis statement bold. After that present each ideas and also use the common factor “alcohol” in both of these stories by poe. Don’t use random sources, I repeat I need at least 6 valid sources from library database and few more valid online sources and please do not do plagiarism . 

I have included a sample of how to write the a research paper: 
i have also included the link for rubrics:

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