Research Paper

I’m taking  behavioral modification class and our project is to keep tabs with one behavior you want to change and improve so I have been keeping tabs of my “working out” schedule cause I want to go to the gym more and use more equipments at the gym and I have designed a graph using ABA reversal and now I have to write a paper about using 
– introduction
– Method
– Design
– Procedure
– Results 

· In the introduction, you want to begin telling the story about why this behavior is important to you and why it matters that it changes. This should be a dynamic, interesting story that pulls the reader in to want to know more about what you did and what you found.
· Introduce the topic and the project. Is your behavior an excess or a deficit? What is the rationale for your target behavior selection? Why is this behavior important for you to target? 
· Describe your analysis of the short- and long-term contingencies that have maintained your behavioral excess or deficit that you aim to change. To do this, include the analysis you conducted of your behavior in Worksheet 2. A thorough analysis of this behavior will include both antecedents and consequences that are relevant to the behavior.
· Provide any insights into your behavior that you discovered during baseline data collection. What do you think contributes to your behavior being where it is at baseline?
· I highly suggest looking at articles we have been reading in class for ideas about writing style.

I have a sample paper to provide + I can help you answer all this. 

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