Research into child development and impact on infants

Research into child development and impact on infants. Have you ever listened to parents when they talk to their infants? They pitch their voices high, use baby words rather than regular ones, e.g., “moo” for “cow,” and speak more slowly and repetitively than normal (Royster, Ratner, Newman, McColgan, & Tuit, 2011). The Talaris Institute (2009) provides this example: “Hellooo, sweeetie.

Research into child development

Additionally, How’s my baaabeee? Ooooh, you’re sooo cute! You are sooooo cuuuuute!” However, This type of language, used worldwide, is called “motherese” and may sound silly and even stupid to some people. However, research shows that baby talk actually benefits infants’ learning 5 by attracting their attention, teaching them about social interaction, and helping them build language skills.

Introduction Structure

  • Opening question to “hook” the reader.
  • Describes the topic.
  • Provides an example of the topic.
  • Provides one stance on the topic.
  • Introduces the writer’s opposing stance.
  • Outlines the basic elements or a “road map” of what will be in the essay

Body Paragraphs

  • Topic sentence that introduces the focus of the paragraph and develops the idea previewed in the introduction.
  • First supporting fact with source.
  • Additional fact with source that expands on first fact.
  • Transition sentence to second fact in the writer’s own words.
  • Second fact with source.
  • Transition sentence to third fact in the writer’s own words.
  • Third fact with source.

Essay Conclusion

In conclusion, this essay has demonstrated that motherese, rather then being ignored as just something parents do, stimulates infants and is a significant factor in their social and language learning. As brain researchers continue finding out the way humans develop cognitively, talking “silly” to babies may turn out to be as important to learning as a college education. Rephrases the Thesis Statement as expressed in the Essay Introduction and ties together the point the writer set out to prove and the main ideas in the paragraphs’ topic sentences. Finally, takes the reader beyond the initial idea presented in the Introduction and provides a broader scope for the concept.

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