Research Evidence Appraisal Tool

Research Evidence Appraisal Tool. Is this article/report QuantitativeResearch (collection, analysis, and reporting of numerical data)? Measurable data (how many; how much; or how often) used to formulate facts, uncover patterns, and generalize results from a larger sample population; provides observed effects of a program, problem, or condition, measured precisely, rather than through researcher interpretation of data. Common methods of data collection are surveys, face-to-face structured interviews, observations, and reviews of records or documents. Statistical tests are used in data analysis. This is NOT just a literature review, NOT a systematic review, and NOT a qualitative research article.

1. Was there manipulation of an independent variable (Intervention)?     Describe:
2. Was there a control group (a structured comparison group)?     Describe:
3. Were participants randomly assigned to intervention or control groups? Describe:

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