Research Assignment

Week 3 assignment
Problem statements help to further define the nature of a problem/issue, as well as provide the rationale for why a particular problem was chosen. In this Application Assignment, you will write a problem statement for the problem/issue you selected.
The literature review provides the empirical justification for the project. Literature reviews involve collecting resources directly related to the selected problem, critically analyzing those resources, and synthesizing them into a coherent narrative. The critical analysis not only considers the validity of the argument, but the credibility of the source as well. Where did the information come from? Was it the author’s personal opinion? Did he or she conduct a study or analyze data? These questions should be considered in completing a critical review of literature.
Please make sure you cite all references fully and properly. Please follow both part 1 and part 2 step by steps
The assignment: Part 1
1. In 1-2 pages, respond to the following: Write a problem statement for SUBSTANCE ABUSE IN AMERICAN for the Capstone Project.
Doctors who prescribe opioids to patients, but patients do not take the prescriptions as described which causes substance abuse?

2. Then collect resources related to your problem statement and demonstrate your skills in critical analysis. 
3. Find 10-12 research resources related to your problem statement (including at least 4 peer-reviewed journal articles).
The assignment: Part 2
1. In 2-3 pages, please complete the following: 
2. Briefly synthesize one of the resources you selected.
3. Critically analyze that resource.
4. Cite 10-12 resources for your literature review. Four of these resources must be peer-reviewed journal articles.

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