Topic and Research Question Instructions
Prompt: Choose an interdisciplinary research topic to study and fill out the Topic and Research Question Assignment Model. 

1. You may not use first or second person.
2. Use the Research Question Assignment Model when you do either stage of this assignment. 
3. Week 2: Make sure that you are referring to at least two unique areas of study and that at least one of them matches one of your personal areas of study. (Mine are Communication and Business)
Additional Suggestions:
1. Avoid gun control, marijuana legalization, abortion, homosexual marriage, and other charged political or moral topics unless you have a unique/narrow way to study them that’s never been studied before (which will be difficult). 
2. Remember, even though interdisciplinary research topics are often broader than the average research topic, you need to narrow a lot. A student who begins with the topic “the healthiest foods to eat” could narrow it down to “breakfast foods that lead to higher energy levels” to “whether eating eggs for breakfast increases daily energy levels for women over age 80.” When you think you’ve narrowed enough, narrow your topic more. 
3. Using the reading from Nissani, measure your combination to determine whether it truly is interdisciplinary.  

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