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Requirements and Functional Specification2

Requirements and Functional Specification2. omplete Features and Trade-Off Analysis

To be successful in the attempt to address your client’s needs it is good practice to:
Develop a list of the deliverables based on the system requirements and their needs. 
Complete a trade-off analysis 
Update and finalize your requirements based on the trade-off analysis 
Complete an analysis to identify features that might not be necessary to the client’s needs versus their wants. 
Identify tasks that can be completed simultaneously in an effort to reduce development time and cost. 
Keep in mind that the overall quality of the product should not be compromised during this rapid development. 
These steps will aid in keeping the project within budget or reducing the overall development cost without compromisinng quality.

Milestones and Deliverables based on Date and Dependencies

In addition, you will start with the development of a schedule for deliverables. Be sure to include in this section the following:

Outline your milestones and due dates 
Discuss the dependencies 
Include information discovered during your small group discussion regarding quality 
Use a program (like Microsoft Project) to show the specific milestones and dates which the will be completed. 
APA and intext citations

Requirements and Functional Specification2

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