Request for Reinstatement

Managing a new product launch can be an aggravating experience as you try to coordinate a wide variety of activities and processes while you try to coordinate a wide variety of activities and processes while barreling toward a deadline that is often defined more by external factors than a realistic assessment of whether you can actually meet it.  You depend on lots of other people to meet their deadlines, and if they fail, you fail. The pressure is enough to push anybody over the edge.  
Unfortunately, that happened to you last week.  After a barrage of bad news from suppliers and members of the team you lead, you lost your cool in a checkpoint meeting.  Shouting at people and accusing them of slacking off was embarrassing enough, but the situation got a hundred times worse this morning when your boss suggested you need some low-pressure work for a while and removed you as the leader of the launch team.
Write an email message to your boss, Juan, requesting reinstatement as the project team leader.  Make up any additional information you need.

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