Republican Motherhood

Kaley Ganey and Allie Linaugh October 15, 2012 Stuart Harmening APUSH The Republican Motherhood and Education for Women The republican motherhood was essentially the beginning of the new era for women. Before, women were not allowed to go to school, and we not educated as they were thought to belong in the home. Before the late eighteenth century, their role was to God and the care of the home and their children.
However, Enlightened thinkers knew that it was the role of the mother to make sure her sons morals and values were in pace, and also they knew the future of the United States was dependent on mothers. For these reasons, the education of women became more important and more accepted. Women were responsible for instilling proper values, and an education in the principles of liberty and government into their sons. What didn’t make sense was, women were not educated well enough, sometimes they were able to write their names, and read small stories, but not all the time.
During the late eighteenth century, the idea of educating women became more and more practical. If a woman were to educate their children, the future leaders and government officials of America, shouldn’t the woman be well educated themselves? After much thought and consideration, it was believed that women should be taught to read, write, do simple math, and also should be knowledgeable about the English language.

With their education, women were better able to educate their sons, which was better for the country in the long run. People justified the education of women by saying that it was a woman’s duty to her country to educate her sons; therefore she should be educated as well. Putting the responsibilities of children in the hands of the women essentially put the future of America in their hands. The women were the ones filling the heads of children with knowledge, and teaching them how to better serve their country.

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