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The author Demarest has defined systematic theology, “Systematic theology thus begins with the totality of biblical revelation and extrabiblical truth, provisionally respects the development of doctrine in the church’s history, draws out the teachings of Scripture via sound grammatical, historical, and cultural exegesis, orders the result into a coherent whole where the interrelatedness of its parts is evidenced, and relates the results to the life and witness of the Christian community.”[1]  It relates to biblical theology by, “Biblicaltheology sets forth the message of biblical books by author or other scheme of grouping.”[2] It relates to historical theology by, “Historical theology traces the church’s faith topically through the various eras of its history.”[3] It relates to philosophical theology because philosophy and theology overlap because they both engage in the critical analysis of the meaning of terms.
The biblical theology is important in my current ministry.  I created a discipleship plan which I am currently teaching.  All teaching is drawn and created from the Bible. I focus on the Bible and have discussions to answer many questions that people have.  Jesus gave us the model to disciple others and that is what I apply. The process of teaching and doing involves nine goals.  I have topics such as the circumcision of the heart, gifts of the spirit, the Bible, praise and worship, kingdom and church, missions, evangelism, spiritual warfare, and disciple others.  I do touch upon the historical theology especially when we discuss the Bible versions, the versions, and the history of the translations. 
When you are teaching you can discuss so many things that have significant content.  For example, evangelism is taught as reaching out to other people to announce, proclaim, and/or preach the gospel.  We interact with people daily and should be able to reach out to people.  The word of God is standard, and the desire is to that people turn away from his or her sin and embrace the truth.  You don’t need to be quarrelsome regarding the word of God.  You have to be courteous and have meek speech.  The Bible tells us how Jesus applied his fruit of the spirit to everyone he spoke to.  Humility was his greatest example.  The systematic theology can become very organized, almost robotic.  The historical theology is good to know, but our focus must be on the kingdom of God. We must never stray away or disregard all the Bible teaches for our life.

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