Review Chapter 4 and think about your ideas for the Unit VIII Final Project. Briefly share with classmates your general idea. Then, comment and cite concepts that connect to your ideas for your Unit VIII Final Project. Be sure to include Chapter 4 topics such as building commitment and collaboration and Organizational Redesign—how might these apply? 

                                             CLASSMATE’S POST
My general idea for the Unit VIII Final Project is how to be a complex change in policing. I to use the Unit VIII Final Project to develop a plan to help improve policing effective at the same being policing and the community closer together. I want to do this because in recent years law enforcement has been getting a bad name. I feel that the younger generations are become more fearful of law enforcement. I also think the community and law enforcement are become more separated. I will be using a real agency for my example to explain some of the issues that I will face. Then using complex change to make this department more effective and being the community looker together.
To start with connect concept from the first four chapters. I will be taking some concepts that I think will help me being complex change in the organization that I have chosen.  In the first chapter I want to use organizational change. I think this will be a good concept because organizational change focuses on change that can be understood as strategically aligned alterations in patterns of behavior (Spector, 2013). This recognizes change and allows us to understand certain behaviors. In chapter 2, I would use Kurt Lewis Field Theory in Social Science. His 3 steps help understand of implementation. This is still being use today because of the effectiveness. One thing I would change in the concepts is the last step being in today age. The world is changing very rapidly because of technology. So, I want to make sure officers are open to constant change. In chapter 3 I would use diagnosis. This is the process of learning about the dynamics of the organization’s functions. This being understand of what exact the organization wants and what is going on. In chapter 4 I would use Organizational redesign. This is a process of changing an organization’s informal design in response to shifting dynamics in the organization’s environment. (Spector, 2013).  
These are some of the concepts I will be integrating into my capstone. I must come to understand what needs to be done to make change. It has been very evident that culture and environment are very important fact to develop change.
Spector, B. (2013). Implementing organizational change: Theory into practice. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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