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RENEW 5. 7 to10 pages/APA format/ 6 references with intext citations/excluding title and reference pages    
your Global strategy should include elements discussed throughout this course
CAUTION – do NOT simply cut and paste previous work (Similarity issues will occur)
INSTEAD, review, analyze, and synthesize the material into a solid and cohesive strategy that will be presented to the advisory council and senior leadership. You know your global expansion strategy ´You know the country you plan to expand into first ´You have your approach to devise a strategy ´You know your key competitors in your selected country ´You have assessed them to determine a strategy to succeed ´You have discussed relevant cultural issues for your selected country in your strategic marketing plan, along with a Balanced Scorecard 
You will discuss your final recommendations for going global and provide specific research results for your Ferrer Furniture globalization strategy  
It is now time to organize the material you have researched and prepared from your Unit 4 IP activities. This will be presented to the advisory board.
Discuss whether globalization is a good move for Ferrer
You must provide rationale and considerations for competitive advantage and cultural aspects of going global
Present final recommendation on specific geographical location that should be targeted for global expansion
Provide specific background information to support this location
Present argument on how this decision supports growth and expansion
Discuss how you would refute the position of an opposing perspective
Your work on your strategic global marketing plan is complete. You now have a plan that will implement, manage, and support a global strategy, but it is far from organized. You e-mail Deborah to inform her that you are almost ready and that the initial planning is complete. A little while later, the phone rings and you see Deborah’s name on the caller ID.
“Hi, Deborah. What’s up?” you ask.
“I’d like you to present to the advisory board next week,” Deborah says. “They are very curious about your findings and would like to know if globalization is a good opportunity for the company. The board wants to finalize their strategic plan, and this may be a key part of it.”
After you hang up, you begin thinking through the different items that you will need to cover.

As you finalize the marketing plan, complete the following:

Is globalization a good move for the company?  
What is your rationale behind this decision? Synthesize analysis conducted in previous units, including strategic considerations, cultural considerations, competitive analysis and balanced scorecard.  
What geographic location should be a target for global expansion?  
What background information can you provide to support this decision?  
How will this decision support the overall goal of growth and expansion?  
How would you refute someone with the opposing perspective? 


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