Religious intolerance in Indonesia and challenges

Religious intolerance in Indonesia and challenges. In Indonesia, religious intolerance is not a new phenomenon. Although the constitution allows freedom of religion, the government recognizes Buddhism, Hinduism, Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, and Confucianism (Cochrane). Therefore, people who practice traditional religion often face prosecution and some end up going to jail. In November, a ruling was made by the constitution court that granted citizens the right to exercise traditional beliefs outside the six religions recognized by the government. Notably, the majority of the people in the country are Muslims and over the past years, there has been a report of growing signs of religion intolerance (Cochrane). Five months later, the government has not yet honored the court ruling and tension is rising within the country. In Indonesia, religion plays a significant role in public life and the ruling was meant to end unofficial discrimination that hinders people from getting permits to hold an open gathering, get marriage licenses or access public services like education and health.

Religious intolerance in Indonesia

Human geology looks at religion development in regard to the role of geography and its relation with social components. Development of religion is influenced by environmental landscape and community network and relations. Additionally, religion creates a bond among people of a community and use the connection to improve their lives. However, as a result of factors such as immigration, there are often the minorities who practice a different set of beliefs. In regard to Indonesia, the majority of the people practice Islam (Cochrane). However, there are minority groups such as Christians and Hindu. While religion is meant to create a bond and allow members to improve their lives, in Indonesia religion has been having negative effects. Furthermore, religion is widely acknowledged such that people who fail to conform to certain ways face discrimination from things that are essential to human survival.

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