Related text to whose life is it anyway?

Related text to whose life Is it anyway? – Power and the Individual What Ideas of power are represented In “whose life Is It anyway” and the related tested material you have chosen and how does the related text link to the prescribe text? There are many Ideas and reasons why My Sisters keeper and whose life is It anyway have similar relations to the power and the individual.
For one the battle of individual rights, Both Anna and Ken fight for their individual rights to their Body and life. Ken doesn’t want to live anymore because he thinks there is no point as he can’t do anything for himself and need nurse to help. Anna wants individual rights to her body because she doesn’t want to be cut open and have needles stuck in her time after time if its not going to help her sister and her sister wants Anna to win her rights so she can die because she is in a lot of pain and can’t take it anymore.
Another reason is Power of Law Ken wishes to die and due to his medical status he is unable to make this happen, the power of law Influences his situation as he asks he doctors multiple times to kill but due to the law they are unable to do this. Anna’s situation Is Influenced by the power of law as she Is a child & her parents are her legal guardians therefore giving them the power to make her decisions for her.

She Is mature enough to make her own decisions but she is too young, she seeks to be medically released so she is able to have the choice. The power of physical strength is also another reason; Ken has no power of physical strength because he is a quadriplegic. Anna, as a child has less physical strength than her parents, therefore their power is stronger.

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