Registered nurse role in the United States healthcare industry 

Registered nurse role in the United States healthcare industry 

Registered nurse role in the United States healthcare industry. Registered nurse role in the United States healthcare industry. Fundamentally, nursing is an incredible profession.; it allows individuals to influence and touch lives positively. Equally, nursing comes with many complexities due to the nature of roles in the health care sector. A registered nurse in America often wears several hats daily in providing medical care to different patients. Patients across all settings deserve care anchored on their specific needs, not on a nurse’s convenience.

In pursuing this objective, the American health care system prioritizes registered nurses’ roles as the medical sector’s artery. The main reason that nurses’ roles are highly valued in America is that they play a key part in transforming the healthcare system to create a value-driven, accessible, and high-quality patient environment. With nurses coordinating the care for every patient, it is important to understand their various roles. In light of this, the subsequent sections of this blog identify the various roles of registered nurses in America.

Patient care

The priority of a registered nurse is the patient. Thus the primary role of a registered nurse is patient care. The nurse is the patient’s caregiver and hence helps to manage the physical needs of the patient, treatment of health conditions, and assist in illness prevention. The American nurses achieve this objective by observing and monitoring the patient while recording vital information useful in the treatment decision-making. The RNs follow the patient’s progress and intervene whenever needed during the entire treatment period. Additionally, RNs offer care beyond the care medication. The American RNs have the duty to provide holistic care to all patients, comprising of the psychosocial, cultural, developmental, spiritual, and cultural needs.


Registered nurse role in Advocacy of the patients’ interests 

Registered nurse role in the United States healthcare industry. The role of the RNs is to advocate for the patient’s best interests while maintaining patient dignity during treatment and care. Part of this role entails regularly providing suggestions on a patient’s treatment plan while partnering with other healthcare workers. This role is highly valuable to the patient because, in most instances, an unwell individual cannot effectively comprehend medical situations and respond without assistance. The American registered nurses are well trained to support and represent the patient’s best interests at all times, particularly during the decision-making process of a patient’s treatment. In offering decision-making support, nurses are vital links between the patient and other health care workers.

Education and support for the patient

The registered nurses must ensure that the patients understand their health, illness, treatment, and medications to the best of their abilities. This responsibility is of much significance, especially when patients are discharged from the hospital and are required to take control of their treatments. On this note, a registered nurse must explain to the patient and their family what to expect upon leaving the hospital and how to go about their medications. Similarly, the RNs ensure that the patient is adequately supported when they need additional information and intervention.


Diagnosing and treating patients 

Registered nurse role in the United States healthcare industry. Registered nurses in America have an increased level of education and expertise. For instance, the Nursing Practitioner, just like a normal doctor, can successfully diagnose and treat patients. There are several clinics across the United States run by nurses to a great extent. The scope of practice of these registered nurses allows them to fill almost every aspect of the patient’s need, as they can diagnose diseases, prescribe medication, and treat patients in cases like Nursing Practitioners.

Registered nurses are entrusted with promoting professionalism and trust in defending the reputation of nursing and upholding professional values. Consequently, American RNs must adopt the right behaviors and attitudes in the line of duty while acting as role models. The patients trust the nurses by ensuring top professionalism in diagnosing and treatment practices, increasing their confidence in their abilities.


Nursing is one of the most trusted and respected professions careers highly endeared in America as any other part of the world. Essentially, from the start, the primary role of a nurse was nurturing and attending to the sick and the frail, though these roles do not stop there. A modern American registered nurse is highly educated and skilled in performing various roles centered on providing the best patient care.


From patient care and advocacy of patient rights to education and support, as well as diagnosing and treating the patients, the roles of nurses are diverse. In this vein, deep commitment is demanded from the registered nurses besides being guided by love and commitment in their nursing practice. In a nutshell, in fulfilling several responsibilities and duties, the registered nurses maintain a safe and hygienic environment, thus significantly contributing to promoting healthy communities.