Reflective Journal on my life experiences

Reflective Journal. Think about one of your relationships for a few minutes. It can involve a coworker, sibling, parent, spouse, friend, or anyone else. In your learning journal, write down some of the things that aren’t working in the relationship. What do you find irritating or unsatisfying?

Now think for a moment about what you want from this relationship. More attention? Less control? More openness? More freedom? Choose a suggestion from the chapter and describe how you could use it to make the relationship work. 
Briefly, what did you find most interesting in the readings assigned for this class?
What are three things you learned from this session?
What, if anything have you changed your mind about as a result of this session?
One thing you learned in this session that you may be able to use in the future is
How did the ideas in discussions or readings enrich your understanding of the subject matter or your own communication style?
What ideas can you take from this session that you can put into practice immediately?
What did you like most about the session?
What did you like least about the session?
What topics, if any would you like to learn more about? How will you access this learning?
Other comments, thoughts.

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