reflective journal

or this assignment, you are asked to reflect on your public speaking course experience in this candid, private journal (I am the only person who will read your journal submission).   Write a paragraph for each of the four prompts that appear below (the entire journal should be at least two pages in length, not including the title page. header, or reference list). The journal will be graded on the following criteria: 1) detail, specificity, and thoughtfulness with regard to fully answering all of the journal prompts; 2) organization and clarity of ideas; 3) referencing course concepts via APA in-text citations of the textbook (e.g., Lucas, 2015, p. 45) – be sure you cite the textbook throughout the journal; and, 4) grammar, mechanics, and spelling. 

Reflect and discuss two to three important things you learned in the course.
Identify and discuss two to three major areas of improvement you saw in your public speaking throughout the course.
Identify and discuss two to three areas you would still like to work on in the future regarding your public speaking.
Provide a summary of how this class might impact you in the future.

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