Reflective Essay English Composition

Reflective Essay English Composition – Eng 115 Informative Essay LaTosha Dale ENG 115 Professor Polk March 10, 2010 The pre-writing strategy that I used for my informative essay is listing. I found this strategy effective because it allowed me to list my task from the begging to the end of my shift. By using this strategy it ensured I would not leave any of my tasks out of my paper. One thing I would do differently is give a brief description of the type of clients I worked with. I would also give a history on the program I worked for.
My purpose for writing this essay was to inform my audience about the position of a second shift Residential Counselor. My audience is my class mates and Professor. I fulfilled my responsibility by giving a detail description of my task from the begging till the end of shift. The main point of my essay was to give a detail description of a typical day as a Residential Counselor. After reading my paper I would like for my audience to understand the day to day task of a Residential Counselor. I looked for a consistent flow in the essay I peered reviewed.
What I learned about my peer during the process is that she was unclear on the assignment. What I learned about myself is that I value feedback from my peers on my writing. After the peer review process I felt as though I had a strong paper. I did not decide to make any major revisions. One of the comments that my peer made was that it was unclear that the school and residence were two separate places, so I made that clear in the beginning of my essay. I think after I made that revision based on my peer comments that it was clear that the school and residence are in two separate locations.

The strongest aspect of my paper is the details I included pertaining to my shift. According to the feedback I received regarding my paper, my weakest aspect of my paper is grammatical errors. The issue that I had with this essay is not allowing enough time to properly proof read my essay. The next essay assignment I write will be in present tense. What I learned about myself during this writing assignment is that I like to get others opinions of my writing. I also learned that everyone has a personal writing preference.