Reflective Account Critical Essay

Once we had sounded them we wrote them on the sheet (Copy behind) and kept repeating them to each other to get the word stuck in place. Once we had learnt to pronounce the words and repeat and sign them, they got a picture Of a ship and two people standing on the ship shouting ‘Ii’. They colored the picture in lots different colors, the sheet it also yellow because it is clearer for the children to see the words and pictures.
When we are doing this activity (Phonics) we 1 . Sound 2. Read 3. Write/ go over the letters ‘Ii’ . Color 5. Signing Because all the children are different in their own ways, some children struggle pronouncing or they have trouble reading and some have trouble writing, other cannot hear well so we sign as we go through everything to make sure everyone has a good understanding of what is going on in the group, so that we can work on these things.
Today when I was working with the superstars I worked a little one to one with a young boy who has Downs syndrome and he cannot speak clearly or read and has trouble speaking so we signed the phonics lesson together, but today he wasn’t joining in he hid is face with his arms and cried but after while he came around and he communicated and we carried on.

Looking through his phonics book and he signs ‘Plane’ and says plane and gets excited at the fact he has pronounced it. We carried on with our ‘Ii’ sounding and coloring when we had finished all the group together then stick the sheet in to their phonics books (behind). At the end of the lesson we go over what we have learnt, we also decide to show the rest of the class who did reading, and they sounded, read and signed to the rest of the class.

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