Reflection on your Team Communication and Communication during your Marshmallow Challenge experience

Before writing this reflection assignment, watch the TED video on your Marshmallow challenge and visit this website to read about and see the experiences of other teams.
The video is a TED talk and is linked in our module as “What about the Marshmallow challenge.” As part of this reflection I want you to consider both the readings in our textbook about communication behavior in groups and teams (communication roles that we assume — activator, or gatekeeper, or joker for example) and your experience with your team as you created the power point. If you wish to add a discussion on your home team process that would be fine.
Discuss the team dynamics from team formation through the completion of your project choosing what you wish to identify.
What role behaviors did your team mates take on? What did you do in response? What did you see when you worked on the short term problem solving experience in building the marshmallow tower? In each of these two experiences you problem solved and communicated as a team. What aspects of the concepts from our textbook did you see or experience in these two weeks with Team work? In our Marshmallow Challenge, teams were more successful with a strong facilitator did this happen in your team project or your work in the home team? Who took this role? Work to use the information from your experience in both the marshmallow challenge at home and your two week team interaction to create this reflection. Be sure to point out to me what you learned in the end that will support your personal communication development in future team experiences. 
This reflection should be Minimum of 1.5-2 pages double spaced with 12 point font. 

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