Reflection Critique Essay

When Mr.. Albania opened the topic about doing an Outreach Program, thought that it was just a drawing. A big beautiful drawing that can only imagine but can’t really do and I’m really guilty about that thought because I already judge something that didn’t even try to do. But as the day goes by, Mr.. Albania really wanted us to do it because he really wants to help, serve and at the same time share our knowledge to other people.
He made plans to push the program and as the president of the class, I followed every instruction he’d given me and I saw myself doing his every words with peppiness. I felt excited as day goes by. And I realize that Mr.. Albania really meant to be my Professor to help me get out of my shell and show people that can really help and that I can really lead. The fact that it is my first time to ever organize an Outreach Program and the first time to lead an event that my fellow schoolmates follow every instruction I said.
I feel so blessed. Feel so happy and fulfilled because for all the first time that I’ve done it went to a success not only for me but for everyone and because I knew that made a good deed for other people. I believe that giving is the reason why we feel blessed at some times. You give way for the incoming blessing to come in your life by giving and sharing your blessing to others. And think that what we’ve done is a blessing for the youth because we share our knowledge and give time just for them.

As a result, we learned a something that can’t teach inside the university and for me that is already a blessing because I’ve learned to lead and stand as a good leader for my schoolmates, learned to listen of other’s opinion before analyze the plan, learned to make my own decision by budgeting the money that we collect, learned to think about others side if they have any suggestions or recommendations, learned to give more of what I have to the youth, learned to share more positivist to my schoolmates that we can make this possible, learned to have more patient for those who didn’t pay on time and only thinks about their own good and learned to be more responsible by accepting all the issues and concerns of my schoolmates.

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