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Wars seemed like things that only happened in the past or in movies, but now we grew up seeing the news, the deadlines, and the stories of the horrific events that have been happening since 2001 and now we see them as normal issues in our world, our perspective about the wars, social and political tragedies are way too normal now.
This film made me think about how twisted the mind of some people is, how they can agree to destroy the life of many innocent people, either way for the AH-Qaeda group and for the “supposedly” attack of the Americans to the Muslim people that Osama Bin Laden once claimed. It also got me thinking hat the security of the airports back in those days were highly poor, maybe they trusted more or they didn’t even wonder that someone would dare to hijacked a flight, but of course it changed after all this tragedies, now you can’t even travel with liquids that are more than 3 oz. ND obviously you can’t travel with knives anymore. This film made me feel so disturbed and uncomfortable, seeing what it actually happened in those towers, the Pentagon, how people were running for their lives, how they were struggling to get out and survive the hell that hey lived in, and the death of all the people that were in those planes.
It made appreciate that life can be taking away from us in just the matter of 1 second, we should appreciate all the things that we have no matter what and always demonstrate the love that you have towards your family, never skipping a day telling that you love them. What I found most surprising/interesting was that all of this events happened in such a small matter of time, in less than 3 hours bunch of things happened, he two Twin Towers were hit, the Pentagon was hit also by an airplane, and that the passengers took over the plane that was going to hit the White House.

Also I found out to be really interesting that the people that were in the United Airlines Flight 93 were brave enough to go and risk their lives just so they could save the life Of others, those people are the kind who should be called heroes. What I found most shocking or disturbing is that the fact of people who were in the Twin Towers got so desperate and they decided to kill themselves by mumping out of the building because they gave up, they couldn’t stand all the suffer and the agony of being trapped in a 80 floor building and be completely helpless.
Also, I got so disturbed in just thinking of hearing some outdoor soft music that was coming from the speakers while people were dying in the inside of those 2 buildings. The music felt and sounded so demoniac, like if it were a horror film. It is important for people to know about 9/11 because it was an event that left a mark in the world that we live in, it changed so many lives and the lifestyle f most human being in the Earth.
It got some consequences that can explain why the present is like it is, the consequence of the problems that 9/11 caused, and because it’s a tragic event that happened in our lifetime and we saw everything that was happening. Also, we should be informed in all the important and basic events that the humanity has lived and not repeating them again, these are mistaken decisions that people have made and We need to learn from them to not committing them again.

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