Civil War

Reconstruction after the civil war

Reconstruction after the civil war.
After much trial and tribulation that our exasperated country has faced, we all still gather here today in order to follow a long tradition of George Washington, a founding father and cherished president who gave and set precedent to all the new leaders who soon will follow the same path of presidency. A path followed by great accomplishments of the Grant administration, has helped to set a rolling future for the united States and now we will Improve upon the Grant administration using It as a stepping stone to once again unite the country.
Now that the sure wind of war thin our country has prevailed we must continue to rebuild upon the accomplishments of the Grant Administration. We must rebuild within our trust with other human beings and rebuild within the large battered roads of this nation. Though much has been done in the last presidency, there is still ton more to accomplish. Likewise the efforts of before have helped me gain a foot on the task to better our united nation. Looking back the last few years, already have we recovered from the tribulation of Civil War.
We have started the healing process between the different races that were pitted against each other but now stand as brothers. The recent Call Rights Acts and the passing of the 1 5th Amendment have helped to guarantee and ensure the equal Civil Rights that all men will share and all able to be comprised under the glorious Constitution. Yet throughout the years we have also placed ourselves in the continued process of reconstruction in which we have rid the terrors of extremists groups but also have accomplished the first steps of reunion with the Southern states.

Likewise, these efforts to heal the previous tension have been done to almost a full recovery. Many former rebels have been pardoned and owe the first steps to a unified country have put under way by the removal of many federal soldiers. The vanquishing of the post war tensions has been successful but now we must continue and move forward. The reality is that all races much make the effort to live harmoniously with sympathy and empathy through the eyes of each individual.
And through the government will the Constitutional rights of all men be upheld as shall the eradication of prejudice of others In order to keep this nation prosperous. In order to end the final lasting tensions of this era, we will make sure to eve the well waited autonomy of the last few southern states. We will make sure to relieve them of the pressure that federal troops have brought in the states of Louisiana and South Carolina. Through this progress we must also put in an investment to Americas’ future in education.
With support of the government it will be a priority to make sure education is available to everyone, for with this we can move forward and develop a bright future through the youth at the moment. Universal education and improvements in the intellectual and moral conductivity is the root to all prosperity. The interest to better society Is In equality of both colored and white people, for the perseverance of everyone Is needed to make these new Improvements In equality and education. Again we have been In depression within our manufacturing and commercial Industries.
For sure this will come to an end. In need we must comply that a papered currency Is unreliable and accustomed to fluctuate. Likewise the best way to back this is with a coin based currency where that I will keep as my honored predecessor, President Grant, who made sure to preserve the peace between us and foreign powers. If those countries that require aid need it, without disposition we will help in a peaceful and honorable way so we can create mutual understandings to the entire world[K] .
Grieving once again to bring forward this nation I ask all of you: Farmers, lawyers, doctors, politicians, judges, and citizens to Join me in this movement to restore our country to the divine rights that we all share. To help in earnest efforts to rekindle the unity we all share in order for every man no matter color to achieve the pursuit of happiness and without fail grasp the happiness that we all will share together.

Reconstruction after the civil war

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