Recognizing a dysfunctional family

Recognizing a dysfunctional family. Workers’ Self-Directed Enterprisesas a possible solution to today’s troubled economy.Can businesses operate without owners, CEOs, managers, stockholders? Can workers serve as their own boards of directors?Can businesses operate without owners and managers? See “Democracy at Work” where Workers’ Self-Directed Enterprises are described. What do you see as strengths and weaknesses, desirability or non-desirability of such workplace arrangements? [Economics, sociology, political science]2.Advantages and disadvantages of student-run schools. [Education, Political science, participatory economics, literature]3

Recognizing a dysfunctional family

What is the psychology of dreaming? Do our dreams mean anything? Are they important? What are the theories of Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, the Gestaldt School? What does contemporary cognitive research reveal about dream phenomena? Can dreams solve problems? [Personality, psychology, social-psychology]4.Is fast food the new tobacco?[Nutrition, economics]5.Is pop culture actually good for you? [Culture, media, social media, gaming]6.Why does it matter who wins the big game? [Sociology of sports]7.What is burnout in school or work? How to deal with it? [Education, career, motivation, psychology]8.Recognizing a dysfunctional family.Are dysfunctional families isolated, or do they partake of dysfunctions in the larger culture? [Cultural studies, sociology, economics, literature] 9.Is there a necessary correlation between exercise, fitness, good nutrition, health, work ethicand brain power for academic and long-term financial well being?[sociology, health science]10.What are emotions? How do they happen in the brain? How many emotions are there? Can emotions be categorized? What do they add to human intelligence? What might they subtract?[Psychology]11.Breast milk for profit?[Health science, economics]12.A study of healthyvs. unhealthy romantic relationships.[social psychology]13.Intelligent life on other planets. Is there a Twin Earth out there?If it has intelligent life, what would it think of us? What if it was also populated by humans and had gotten its history off to a better start than we did?What would it look like?14.Strange phenomena: Big Foot, the Loch Ness Monster, UFOs, ESP, mysterious hums. [Where natural phenomena meet social psychology?]15.Research one aspect of the underground economy. [Criminology, sociology, cultural anthropology, economics]16.Screen addiction and brain wiring:are children too plugged in and tuned out of the real world more than experts consider healthy?Or do they have a kind of wisdom, an instinct for a very different and possibly better future? [Bio-sociology]17.American food and the rise of autoimmune disease. [Health sciences, nutrition, biology]418.Evolution of agriculture and feeding the world’s growing population. Will we be getting more protein from insects? What about Genetically Modified Foods? [Biology]19.Do you owe the moon your life? Explain.[Astronomy]20.What is dark energy? Dark matter? [Astrophysics]21.Do we live in a narcissistic culture? [Sociology, Cultural Theory]22.“The God Particle”: In 1964 Peter Higgs and other scientists posited the existence of an unknown sub-atomic particle that could give evidence supporting one or another theory of the cosmos. In what scientific way might that particle be confirmed? The confirmation of the Higgs Boson, it was argued, might well support the radical idea of a multiverse. Or it might prove the more accepted supersymmetrytheory. Are there multiple universes? Can the Higgs Boson provide us with a definitive yes or no?[Particle Physics]23.“Mars: Are we there yet? I’m thirsty.” If not, when? How?[Astronomy]24.Digital (or Virtual) Immortality. Does the Cloud or an avatar offeran “immortality of consciousness” in a type of digital paradise, or afterlife as in the Elysian Fields of Greek myth? (Look up “Elysium.”)Or, might that backfire? If our bodies could die but not our consciousness (or soul), what happens?[Computer science]

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