recognized model of reflection (Gibb’s Cycle)

Using a recognized model of reflection, reflect on a single episode/event of my experience in clinical placement . My placement was at Emergency department in a hospital. And the event was when I had a patient with history of COPD, came in to ED with shortness of breath. Please elaborate this situation where I am the one who cared for this patient and also include what nursing care I did for this patient to reduce the Shortness of breath. Talk about the drugs for COPD and SOB.

And also elaborate this situation based on Gibbs reflective cycle. And also what feelings I had when caring for this patient and what could have done better. Please elaborate this situation based on 6 parts of Gibbs reflective cycle. Pls read the following as well .

Critical Reflection

In addition, your critical reflection should address – your understanding of knowledge related to the clinical event/situation, how the clinical event/situation has increased your understanding of the role and scope of practice of the registered nurse in Australia, and where you believe you need further development and how you will enhance your learning.
You may also utilise the information that you have received from preceptor feedback to help with this process.

recognized model of reflection: Analysis

 Examine the literature. Compare your experience with the literature you have read – what is currently best practice? Ensure you provide references to the literature used to support your statement. This section is very important, particularly for higher level writing. It is important to link the theory and experience together. Consider how clinical practice has changed?

For example: previously we only referred to five rights of medication administration, but risk assessments have identified five more rights which decreases the risk of errors and includes the patient in the decision-making processes. Further, how did your skill incorporate patient centred care? For example; including family members in care and discussions at the bedside during emergency situations helps to improve patient centred care.

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