Research Paper-Barriers Among Homeless Youth

Research Paper-Barriers Among Homeless Youth

Research Paper-Barriers Among Homeless Youth
Barriers Among Homeless Youth In Health Care Sebastian Henao Conestoga College Homelessness amongst youth is common in nearly every part of the world, including the region of Waterloo. Given these circumstances many young adults have barriers that they must overcome in a daily basis in order to stay alive. Some of these barriers include substance abuse, sexual intercourse and poor access to health care. All of these barriers can potentially harm a young person’s life.
So how can nurses help the homeless youth from overcoming these barriers? A review form “Health-Seeking Challenges Among Homeless Youth” suggests that information on healthcare services and assistance to homeless youth, is key for their wellbeing. According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, 2009, 10 to 20 youth in Waterloo Region are experiencing persistent homelessness and at least 75 are at-risk. These youth are more likely to engage in risky behaviour due to barriers they experience every day.

What factors contribute to youth homelessness?

Research Paper-Barriers Among Homeless Youth

Even though the research of, “Health-Seeking Challenges Among Homeless Youth” was done in the United States, as nurses, we can still incorporate their message into our practice, the research was done to determine what were the biggest barriers homeless youth encountered in healthcare services. Do to this research nurses can plan ways to ensure the wellness of homeless youth and ensure these barriers don’t take place. As nurses we are taught that our patients deserve the best care possible, disregarding age or social status. Rather than provide resources for homeless youth, youth frequently were confronted with unforgettable comments that were full of judgment. ” (Hudson et al. ,2010) It is important that as nurses we are open and not make judgements in order to provide the best client care possible, this is seen as a barrier to homeless youth that feel like whenever they go to a clinic they are being discriminated. The different barriers that homeless youth encounter on a daily basis are not the same barriers that other patients may encounter.

Therefore, the health teaching used for homeless youth should be different than that of the average patient. “Health-seeking Challenges among Homeless Youth” research report has shown the different barriers the youth face and as nurses, we must be flexible with providing them with the appropriate health teaching to ensure their wellness. Mental health, sexual orientation and substance abuse help are just a few of the health teaching the youth need “As a result, young adults called out for more outreach, particularly for mental health treatment” (Hudson et al. , 2010).


What challenges do the homeless face?

Research Paper-Barriers Among Homeless Youth
Being able to identify and give effective help to patients suffering from mental health, can lead to a better health and recovery. In order to reach out to the younger homeless population, all the related interproffessional teams should discuss what the best solution is to pass on the information to the youth. One way that the use could access the information is through programs or classes that can be held in shelters, these classes can be held to provide information regarding substance abuse, sexual intercourse and mental health; how to reach help and if necessary could provide with other resources.
Some other ways the information can be passed on the youth could be to hold clinics through the city, this can give a chance for the homeless to come get information and be able to get any help they need. According to Throughout the Waterloo region there are a number of programs to help out homeless people, however, these programs should incorporate information on how the health care services can help them.
If we all work together and provide the necessary information, the barriers that homeless youth experience in healthcare can be eliminated. References First Call Bc (2012). Resources on the Mental Health of Homeless youth in Canada. Retrieved September 20, 2012 from http://firstcallbc. wordpress. com/2012/05/30/resources-on-the-mental-health-of-homeless-youth-in-canada/ Hudson, A. , Nyamthi, A. , Greengold, B. , Slagle, A. , Koniak-Griffin, D. , Khalilifard, F. , & Getzoff, D. (2010).
Health seeking challenges among homeless youth. Nursing Research, 59(3), 212-218. National Alliance to End Homelessness (2009). New Funding for Homeless Youth Services and Housing – Guide to Community Planners and Youth Advocates. Retrieved September 20, 2012, from www. endhomelessness. org/section/policy/focusareas/youth. Region of Waterloo (2010). Social planning, policy and program administration. Retrieved September 22, 2012, from http://www. regionofwaterloo. ca/en/regionalGovernment/resources/SA2010-0406. pd

Reasearch Paper-Barriers Among Homeless Youth

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