Reading responses

In “Rights of Death and Power over Life” (second part of the reading assignment) Michel Foucault arguesthat the ways power works have radically shifted through modernity. Concretely describe the way Foucault discussed the changes in the way power operates by focusing on Foucault’s analysis of power’srelation to life.
Julietta Hua argues that the international human rights discourse reproduces (neo)colonial relationship. How could this be? Consider: (1) In what way does Hua deploy Chakrabarty’s approach to make her argument?; and (2) What does the [law’s] universality have to do with this process? Closely follow Hua’sargument and discuss in concrete detail.
What exactly are the problems Chandra Mohanty identified in some of the representations of the so- called Third World women? Discuss concretely at least two points by closely following Mohanty’s ownargument. Also consider, according to Mohanty, why is it important to problematize them (i.e. the representations of the “Third World women” by some feminist writings)?

500 words for each reading response.
due on 12/3 midnight New York time.

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