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reaction 1. The theory of chose is why do our bodies grow old.
1. Two pages 600-650 words  (double space, Times New Roman 12pt font)   You MUST show your understanding of the concepts by discussing them in your own words, synthesizing class concepts to make your own argument/point 

2. In the first half of your assignment (approximately 1 page), discuss the concept(s) you are focusing on in the paper, including the definitions and a comprehensive explanation, or a “critical summary.”  This explanation can include the importance, usefulness, or strengths of the concept(s). This should be in your own words.  You will not receive full credit if you simply change a few words from the textbook. You will receive no credit if you copy the text, especially if you do not cite it (page numbers in parentheses at the end of sentences that include information from the text).  Even when in your own words, include the source.  This helps me to grade your work and to help you get in the practice of citing your work.  

3.  In the second half (approximately 1 pages), you will need to apply your topic of choice (what you covered in the first half) to a current article from the popular press. In this application, you may discuss the strengths and weaknesses (a critique) of the topic of choice.

* The purpose of this section is to show that you not only understand the definitions, but can apply the concepts and use them in different contexts (i.e. how alienation can apply to a current organizational setting). Because of this, you cannot only rely on personal opinions and/or experiences here – you will not receive full credit.  

4.  You must cite at least one outside source – generally, this should be a news article or some other piece from the popular press (online is accepted, of course). In this, always keep in mind if there may be a bias to the source (an article from “World Class Travelers” may have a different perspective than “Parents in Support of Staying at Home”). Feel free to discuss this perspective in your paper and/or draw from multiple sources.

5.  You must include: (1) parenthetical citations and (2) a list of references. I use ASA style (American Sociological Association), so the citation style guides I include reflect that. However, you may use the style you are most comfortable with. I will only deduct points if I cannot find your source because the references are not thorough enough.

6. Attached is a power point for useful information 

reaction 1

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