Reaching Your Potential

After I read this article I fond out that managing yourself is a good way to be successful. There are some strategies of how to achieve higher levels of success, such as knowing yourself, excelling at critical tasks and demonstrating character and leadership. The purpose is to clear understand who you are and what your dream is. There is one strategies really touched me is that knowing your self from strengths and weakness can help you to achieve your dream or goal. First, knowing yourself is telling you to understand what are your strengths and weaknesses when you start your career.
Some people can easily tell what are their strengths, but hard to defined the weakness. Talking to other people who knows you is a good way to get the answer. After finding the weakness and strength, the next thing is to ask yourself about what is your dream work and what do you enjoy doing? Then keep your strength and face your weakness in order to reach your full potential. I do agree this strategy and it helps a lot, I still remember when I started working, I wasn’t good at communication at first.
However, my job required me to communicate with different manufactures, so I need to negotiate with different departments and sometimes I am asked to go to the factory to see the quality of samples. It requires a certain level of communication skills. In order to practice my communication skill, I try to write down my points before conversations. After a lot of time practice, I can clearly state my point of view. I faced my weakness in order to do well with my job. I think those practices not only improve my working ability but also having a good effect even up to now.

Secondly, Excelling at critical tasks is to know how to develop your skills and how to distribute times after a critical business meeting. In order to reach your potential, it requires introspection and certain proactive behaviors. This strategy reminds me of my previews manager when I working in a French fashion company. She is good at using spare time to find useful information. In my memory, she always came to office half hour earlier and collected some latest news from fashion newspaper and websites, and prepared work to each designer.
This is a good way to distribute times and practice the skill of colleting useful information. Last but not least is demonstrating character and leadership, a leader is a good decision maker and benefits the organization’s overall performance, and also they need to speak up and make better choices. I think leadership is a major element in management field, and better leadership can make company better organized. In conclusion, the advice for you to reaching your potential is to identify your dream, develop the skills after finding your weakness, and exhibit character and leadership.

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