Racism and Justice System

The authors expose the myth of American meritocracy by informing us of all the ways that we maybe never paid attention to, such as how many black leaders there are in the sports arena’s such as coaches. They also expose the racial realist to the point that everything is not race based. Racial hierarchies are shown in ways that show us that American meritocracy is a myth by where blacks live. If blacks live in white neighborhoods how some would feel uncomfortable, or would even move out of the neighborhood.
If racism was a thing of the past then we would no longer need affirmative action. Racism still exists and will forever exist in the world because the history it has of getting here. The book talks about how law institutionalizes the American ideal of equality, and this may be true but there are always people that are in these positions that corrupt and contaminate the entire system. Things have changed from the past form how racial discrimination was. It’s just done now through actions more so now than verbalizing.
You can’t really verbalize your hatred for another race such as Texaco’s executives because you run the risk of people not bringing their business to you and now you can end up in civil court. The Supreme courts have made it even harder for one to make a discrimination suit against a company or employer because the evidence has to be so strong that it leaves no room for doubt in anyone’s mind in fact that was the case. Blacks are constantly stereotyped because of another black person’s action.

Many white people have the perception that black people are lazy because we as a people seek more government help such as housing, food programs and even the low end jobs that some blacks have. They say that education rules out discrimination and employers rationally hire and promote people on the basis of their education and job skills. This is true to a certain extent; they won’t give the entire truth. They will hire African American based on those credentials but they won’t let them into the top positions.
This I have found to be true just as recent as a couple of years ago. Walgreens would hire black assistant managers but would not promote them as store managers and a civil suit was filed against Walgreens’. Even in these case blacks still haven’t won because they promote a couple of black store managers and put them under a microscope, putting them in positions to fail. And once they fail they can keep hiring white store managers because they now have a paper trail of at least giving blacks an opportunity….. to fail but at least they gave them a chance.
Racism still exist even in schools to this day, no matter how you look at it they are still segregated to a degree. We can all agree that for the most part public schools in major cities are failing, and to get your children a good education you send them out to the suburbs. For here in Milwaukee they let a couple of black kids in their school system just to show that it’s not segregated but their tolerance for them is pretty low, knowing they can kick them out because 9 times out of ten they don’t stay in that school district.
I am thankful that Brown’s case brought about desegregation in schools but there are loopholes in everything that people find. The plan that was implemented was whites move out of the major city and then their children have a chance for a better education with a lot less blacks there to intimidate or get their children involved with the wrong situation because so many whites think very lowly of blacks.
I believe no matter what we as a nation or even the world will ever escape the ramifications of racism because like the book says how can we expect something of this nature to disappear in over thirty years that took over three hundred to create. My personal opinion is that we can make strides at it but we will never fully abolish racism. After all collectively as blacks we are taken for granted just as the fish takes the water they live in.

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