Racial segregation in Nation’s public schools

Racial segregation in Nation’s public schools

Racial segregation in Nation’s public schools. data
released over the last several years has increasingly shown that our nation’s public schools are
becoming increasingly more racially and ethnically segregated. For this assignment, you are to
read the following material that is linked below, and answer the following questions.
– Each question is individually worth 15 points –
Part I
Read the following Frontline article titled “The Return of School Segregation in
Eight Charts” by Jason M. Breslow and answer the following questions:

The Return of School Segregation in Eight Charts

1. Did you complete your high school education in a school that was racially or
ethnically diverse? Describe why you think this was the case, (even if you were


Why are charter schools more divided racially?

Racial segregation in Nation’s public schools.

2. Making sure you cite your textbook, describe what the difference is between de jure
segregation and de facto segregation. From Chart #5, describe how the typical
classroom looks for a White student in the United States compared to a typical
classroom for a Black or Latino student. In your opinion, what is the main reason to
explain this significant difference?
3. Of the Eight Charts that were described, which of them did you find most surprising?
For the chart that you chose, describe how the data that it describes relates to the issue
of segregation from Chapter 4 of your textbook



When did schools become racially integrated?

Racial segregation in Nation’s public schools
Especially in the Columbus area, (as well as the rest of Ohio) we have seen a
dramatic increase over the last 20 years in the amount of schools that operate
independently of state public schools, (and are sometimes privately owned) but still
receive state money to educate our children. These schools are known as charter schools.
Read the 2014 article from the Columbus Dispatch describing the role that charter schools play in school segregation, (which can be found next to this handout when you
clicked on Assignment #2) that was provided and answer the questions that follow:
1. According to the article, do charter schools help or hinder racial/ethnic integration in
Columbus schools? Explain why or why not. Of all the facts and figures presented
in the article, which two stood out to you as the most surprising issues with Columbus
charter schools? Briefly explain why.
2. Using Chapters 3 and 4 of your textbook, list and describe 3 terms, concepts, or
conditions that you think apply to the situation with charter schools in Columbus.
For each item, explain why this relates to the article. Racial segregation in Nation’s public schools