RACE AND RACISM IN AMERICA “A WORM PATH” BY EUDORA WELTY. Writing the Final Reflective Essay for the CourseThe final draft of the Reflective Essayshould be 1,000-1,500 words long and be written in MLA format, including a Works Cited page. You should have at least three sources listed in-text and in the Works Cited page, pertaining to the primary and secondary research you did to complete your major writing assignments. You should not have more than seven sources. You will also refer freely to your own writing in the course, but no Works Cited entries are needed for those personal references.You should address the following areas in your paper (from the Assignments), and you should make sure not to self-plagiarize. In other words, do not include verbatim sections from previous essays this term when you compose the final reflection, though you may refer to some of the same sources you cited in previous essays.By the end of the course, and by using specific references to the research and writing completed in this class, students will be able to answer the following questions as part of their reflective essayconcerning thecourse writing projects.Critical Reading: In your personal/professional quest to learn more about a topic and to better understand the topic, how valuable have the argumentative genres in thedifferent disciplines been? These genres include critical/secondary sources in the humanities, social sciences, and the sciences, especially articles from scholarly and professional journals.Which of these genres most effectively conveys the discipline’s knowledge to audiences via the genres’ unique conventions of structure, reference, and language?Critical Thinking:How has your own writing in the disciplines (a literary analysisand annotated bibliographyin the humanities, and annotated bibliographiesin the social sciences and sciences) helped you to better understand your topic as well as the different communities’ understanding of the topic?How personally valuable was the genre of creative literature that you selected in exploring your topic?


As a primary source of research, did the creative literature associated with your topic offer you more or less satisfying ways to explore your topic than the other disciplines did?Critical Writing: How have the choices you made in the writing process to complete each assignmentin the disciplines helped you to learn more about and to better understand your topic?Be sure to discuss choices you made in several of the steps in the writing process, including textual analysis, topic/invention,prewriting, common knowledge research, preliminary draft, primary and secondary research, annotated bibliography, rough draft, peer review, revision, and final draft.General Assessments on Writing: Other reflective essay questions include these general assessments on writing completed in this class. Students will use specific references to the research and writing completed in this class to complete these answers: What are your strengths as a writer? What area of your writing needs the most improvement?Are you more capable as a writer now than you were before you took this course?How have your writing habits and process changed as a result of taking
this course?How has collaborating with others (students, instructor, writing center, friends, and so on) helped to make you a better writer?Be sure to write at least one body paragraph for each of the areas above, but you may need to write more than one for each area.You will also need an introduction and conclusion to frame the discussion.

Thesis at the end of the introduction should list the main points you plan to cover in order to address the four central areas of the reflection,as noted in the assignment guidelines.Use topic sentences derived from thethesis list to guide the reader through the reflection. Development should proceed through topic sentences devoted to the four areas of critical reading,thinking,and writing,followed by writing assessments.Minimum/Maximum word counts must be observed

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