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Quote Sandwich

Quote Sandwich.  
Quote Sandwich

Please read Chapter 5, “Framing Every Quote” in this week’s Readings section before doing this activity. As the chapter points out, selecting quotes to support your claim is a very important part of your paper.
In Week One, we chose some quotes and responded to them as a way to help generate ideas for what it is we eventually wanted to say. By now, however, you have a much better sense of what your exact argument will be and you’ll need to find quotes to support your argument.
When selecting quotes, you’ll want to consider how vital the quote is to your argument and whether or not the quote would be better paraphrased instead. A good time to quote is when the author uses such exact language that a paraphrase would lead to inaccuracies, or when you want to focus on the specific words the author uses because you want to agree or disagree with the word choice or make a nuanced point.
So, please revisit the articles and re-highlight what quotes you now think are vital to your argument. You have also chosen several quotes in your annotated bibliography. You may use those quotes as well.
Write three quotes below in a “quote sandwich” where you briefly introduce and explain your quote, so it makes sense in the context of your argument and then explain the quote.

Quote Sandwich

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