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1. As you read through the electronic reserve readings as well as this week’s text book readings, you will see that design thinking seems like a design method embraced by many enterprises. What can we do with design thinking methodology?  What do we use design thinking for?  When we trying to design a new product? Can we use it simply for a brainstorm session of anything?
Your thoughts?

2.   As pointed out by the author of our text, developing innovation and entrepreneurship through people requires individuals who have the knowledge, skills, ability, energy, drive, and passion to seek and exploit opportunities.  How can we help employees to develop their passion to seek and exploit opportunities?  Is it possible?  Can passion be developed?

3. As we have discussed in the last two weeks that organization will find itself being obsolete and eliminated from the marketplace if it cannot continue to be innovated.  Continuous innovation, the common denominator, is a potent competitive weapon, especially during tough economic times.  Innovation and entrepreneurial activity is achieved through people. How can we motivate people within the organization to continue to be creative and innovative?  

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