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1. There are many common biases that interfere with ones decision-making:
·         Salience.  The tendency to focus on the most easily recognizable features of a person or concept. 
·         Selective Perception.  Allowing ones expectations to influence how one perceive the world.
·         Stereotyping.  Expecting a group or person to have certain qualities without having real information about the person.
·         Survivorship Bias.  An error that comes from focusing only on surviving examples, causing us to misjudge a situation.
·         Zero-Risk Bias.  Sociologists have found that we love certainty, even if it is counterproductive.  Eliminating risk entirely means that there is no chance of harm being caused.

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2.  Is there a relationship between analytical framework and possible project outcomes?  Explain your response. 

3.  Identify and evaluate change management validity tools. 

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