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Quest 5

Quest 5.   
Ques 1

What is the difference between      dependency and delinquency?
Briefly discuss some of the      orders judges can make in dependency courts. 

Quest 2

What are some of your ideas for      improving the future of the juvenile justice system?

Quest 3
Respond to the following questions in a 200- to 350-word response: 

Which U.S. Supreme Court      rulings set restrictions on capital punishment for juvenile offenders? On      what basis were these rulings made?
Is it fair for juvenile      offenders to face the prospect of life without parole?
The United States is the only      country that allows for juvenile offenders to spend the rest of their      lives in prison. Should there be reform in this area?
Should cost be a factor in      making these decisions?

Quest 4
What is more important—freedom of press to publish pictures and names of juvenile offenders, or juveniles’ rights to private court proceedings? Explain your answer
Should juveniles who commit serious capital crimes under the age of 16 be eligible for the death penalty? Why or why not?
Ques 5

What are some of the projected      changes and trends that you found?
How will you consider these      changes and trends when choosing a career?

Ques 6

What does “evidence-based      practice” mean?
How are evidence-based      practices utilized in the human services and corrections fields?

Ques 7
What are your thoughts in advancing your career in the Correctional Field?

Quest 5

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