Quality Management class need to be done within next 24 hrs

  This class is Quality Management.
it’s need to be power point with 5-6 slides.

Case Studies 
PowerPoint presentation follows the below format:
Executive Summary (State the central problem in the case and your overall solution to the problem. Remember: Your executive summary is telling business executives why they are in this meeting and what they should do.  Use action words and easily understood graphics. A common way to grab their attention is to show how much the problem is costing them). 
Introduction (A very brief synopsis of the relevant information from the case which puts the problem and your solution in perspective. Remember: Cases typically have many more details than what executives need or want to know.)
Analysis (Explain how data analytics led to your recommended solution. Remember: Executives (unlike analysts) are not subject matter experts.  They are also not interested in every detail or interpreting lines and lines of data. They want to clearly know the problem, your recommended course of action and logic upon which your recommendations are based. 
SWOT (Through simulations, present opportunities for the company in light of changing constraints. On the other hand, explain weaknesses in the analysis and threats to the company if they do what is recommended. Remember: Executives may be able to change constraints. So making them aware of opportunities is important. At the same time, all methods of analysis have some weaknesses and all actions have some amount of risk. It’s the analyst’s job to present a balanced recommendation. 
Appendix (Attach data, calculations and models. These slides are typically not presented but can be referred to if executives in the meeting have questions. 

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