Qualitative data collection techniques

Qualitative data collection techniques. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of qualitative data collection techniques. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of qualitative data analyses. Design, conduct and write up an interview-based study. Select the appropriate qualitative method for different types of studies.

You are required to write a short qualitative research report based on an interview you conduct on the research topic of “being a student”. This topic is broad to allow you to choose a more specific area to focus upon in your interview. Devise and conduct ONE interview on the topic of being a student. This will demonstrate your interview skills, including planning and conducting the interview. Remember to show the participant the information sheet and gain informed consent before conducting the interview. Also remember to debrief the participant at the end of the interview. You must NOT approach any potential participants or conduct your interview until the module leader has confirmed ethical approval. You must transcribe the interview and include this transcript in the appendix. You must then analyse the interview transcript using Thematic Analysis. The initial analysis and interpretation must be included in the appendix to demonstrate knowledge and understanding.

Qualitative data collection techniques

Method This section should include two separate subheadings: Design and Participants • Provide a brief overview of the design used and method of data collection. • Then provide a brief overview of participant sampling, outlining any inclusion and/or exclusion criteria used for selecting a participant. Analysis • Provide a justification of the method of analysis used. Make comparisons to another potential method of analysis, highlighting why Thematic Analysis is more suitable in this instance. This rationale should be accompanied with citations. • Then describe the process of analysis. That is, explain the different stages used in analysing the data (i.e., a step-by-step guide of what you did). Results/findings This refers to the write up of the analysis and should be the largest section of your report. First, provide a short paragraph giving a brief overview of the findings. Then, present each theme as a subheading. For each theme, provide an interpretative commentary with extracts from the interview transcript (with line numbers) to evidence your discussion. Discussion Provide a summary of your findings and discuss how each of your themes answers the research question posed. Make comparisons to previous literature on the topic within your analysis

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