Quaker up ad

There are eight grams of whole grains are chocolaty, pretzels-caramels mash-up the whole family craves. Its how we’re fighting the human energy crisis one bar at a time (Quaker). The ad insinuates that any family that is in a rush should buy their product. It is a good healthy snack for families on the go. The ad is a good target for families that are in a rush all the time. They can Just eat a Quaker bar on their way to work. School, taking your kids somewhere, or really anywhere. It also targets young people that aren’t always home o eat all the time, even people trying to eat healthy.
The #Quaker is a hash tag and It targets people that keep up with social media. It shows people that Quaker Is also up to date on their social media. Everyone that puts that on their social media the hash tag #Quaker will show on their page or wall and Its pretty much free advertisement for Quaker products. The product is something fast and easy. The ad tries to persuade people by the saying MM MM and families GO GO GO. Its a fast and easy treat that the whole family will love. The ad tells us how many grams here are in a bar. It explains what the Quaker bar will Bates 2 taste like.
A chocolate, caramel, and pretzel mash up. The Quaker up theme also helps the ad sell this product. Its a good saying. Pretty much saying wake up and Quaker up, by having a Quaker bar. Which also lets you know its something fast and easy for breakfast. One thing that doesn’t seam to fit the ad is when it says, “It’s how we’re fighting the human energy crisis one bar at a time. ” That means, the Quaker bar saves peoples energy and time you would have to make a meal. Also, here won’t be a crawls or a hassle by trying to make something In a short period of time.

This ad suggests that Quaker big chewy bars are good and helps families on the go. It repeats GO GO GO and MM MM MM. It stresses that so people will know how good Quaker bars really are. Also, it lets people know how fast and easy the bars are on the go. This ad is successful because it shows the Quaker big chewy floating in the air by a parachute, on a perfect blue sky day. The ad make life look so simple and easy. Of course, the Quaker up theme is a personal identity which intensifies all the Quaker ads.
It simply says wake up world, you would have a Quaker bar and everything will be okay. Its the best saying for Quaker products. Anyone that is hungry and Is on the go go go. Go grab a snack that’s fast and easy. The Quaker bar ad shows the box in the air, which also goes good with the Quaker up thyme. The Quaker bars are up up and away. This ad could easily persuade anyone. The small bar that you can take with you anywhere, and tastes great Is the Bates 3 Work Cited Quaker. Advertisement. Redbook July. 2014: Print.

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