Public Relations (PR)

Public Relations (PR).

Dove’s Real Beauty campaign was considered one of the best PR campaign in the past 20 years. There were also a few bumps in their campaign that caused backlash and prompted crisis communications. What research was likely conducted in order to develop and launch this campaign? What research could have been conducted to avoid the negative fallout? The focus of this question is surrounding research, not action. I am looking for specifics. I do not want a list of types of research; I want you to apply strategic thinking to determine what steps were taken and/or should have been taken to develop this campaign.

2) Building off of your research for the previous question for Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign, what crisis communication strategies did they apply in response to the backlash? Were there other steps they should have taken? Incorporate specific strategies and concepts from the textbook and class lectures for your answer. For example; 1) What could have been done in the proactive phase in order to prepare for the crisis, 2) What could have been improved in the strategic phase to better handle the impending crisis, 3) What was done during the crisis to minimize the damage, and 4) What was the ultimate impact on Dove’s reputation or image? Finally, which of Coomb’s crisis response strategies was employed?

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