Public International Law and Casestudy

Public International Law. Choose a situation in Public International Law either according to your existing preferences in studies or professional life, or according to our material following the technique outlined in the example topics that follow our classroom and reading material.

The situation needs you to explain who you are, where you are, what the legal, political, diplomatic, professional or private problems or issues of international law are, who you are talking to, and what your goals, suggestions and solutions are for the current situation.

Public International Law

The situation needs firstly an explanation of why this is a topic relevant from a legal perspective (this part can be very short or longer, depending on the criteria we learned in class). Then, you will need to highlight the relevant legal areas that are required to analyze and argue the situation. Finally, you will give arguments and reasons for your opinions or recommendations.

Focus is key for your successful project (in this or any other subject). So instead of trying to solve the problem of, for example “Legal Problems of Violence between States”, it is much preferable that you specify exactly whose (countries’) violent actions, at what time, committed against whom, and with the given justifications of what, maybe and for instance including the arguments of the offended or the aggressor states you are looking at, and in which specific situations (for instance, legal, diplomatic, student or business scenarios) you would like to offer advice or solutions.

The presentation after your written submission will give an oral account of your position. It differs from your written work in that it addresses a group of people who could not read your piece and who still should be convinced of your position, or of members of a general and mixed audience, including both specialists and laypersons of public international law, and who still should be able to follow your presentation with goodwill and concentration.

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