Public health informatics and large data sets roles

Public health informatics and large data sets roles. Informatics is an applied information science that designs the blueprints for the complex data systems that keep information secure, usable and responsive to the user’s needs. Informaticians often act as knowledge architects—the information systems they build account for function, user needs and even local context.  

Informatics synthesizes the theory and practices of computer science, information sciences, and behavioral and management sciences into methods, tools and concepts that lead to information systems that impact health. When employed effectively, informatics transforms raw data into usable information.

Public health informatics and large data sets roles

Reflect on the role of public health informatics and large data sets in your focus area
• How does telehealth relate to your focus area? What are some potential applications of telehealth technologies or strategies? If telehealth is not appropriate, why not?
• Think about an information need in your focus area; similar to the discussion of case studies in class for organization-level informatics, briefly outline an approach you would take to define the information and technology requirements and then to design, implement and evaluate a potential solution.
• Describe how Meaningful Use does or does not relate to your focus area?
• How does the Federal Health IT Strategic Plan relate to your focus area?
• Throughout your post, be sure to demonstrate your understanding and synthesis of readings and activities from Weeks 1-5 of the course (cite course readings, integrate explanations of concepts/theories into your description of informatics in your focus area). You should expand on the topics in the prompts where appropriate to include other concepts (e.g., surveillance, challenges with data repositories, measurement) from Weeks 4-5, particularly.
• Include at least one additional informatics-focused reference outside of those required for class readings in your post. You should also consider including any multimedia (images, figures, videos) that help to describe informatics in your focus area.

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