public health

public health.  For this assignment you will select a health topic that you are passionate about, provide a summary of any advocacy issues related to this health topic, and write advocacy letters to the appropriate decision makers.

This assignment consists of two deliverables:
 1.) A brief (2 page) description of a health topic including why you are choosing to advocate for it as an issue, data to substantiate need, current advocacy efforts and your recommended actions. 2.) At least one advocacy letter to decision-maker/stakeholder advocating for your issue with recommendations

 *Description of topic: What is the topic being discussed? Why is this an issue? What statistics support this as a public health issue? 
At least 2 references must be used to show importance.

*  Decision makers :Who are the decision makers?How did you identify them?In what ways can they help your cause?
*Advocacy letters: Was the proper information conveyed in the letter(who you are, what you are writing about,statistics,etc.), was the proper number of letters sent (depends on topic and number of decision makers).

 * Writing and Grammar:  Use APA style referencing throughout paper and include a reference page with all references used in APA style.  

* topics include:
 • Maternal,infant, child health 
• School health classes/programs
 • Health disparities 
• ATOD(opioid crisis,marijuana legalization, needle exchange,college binge drinking, alcohol advertisements,etc.)
• Health care 

public health