Public Allies

According to the Bridgespan Group (2004):
Strong support from AmeriCorps, fees from organizations that sponsor allies, and clearly documented program results have propelled the growth of Public Allies. Over the years, Public Allies has worked hard to find the appropriate level of control and decentralization with its branches. Recently, the organization decided to transfer all its sites to a licensee model in which organizations or universities manage local programs, relieving some of the administrative and financial burden on local sites. Public Allies is planning a new, lower cost model and a more targeted approach to site development.
To complete this assignment, answer the following comprehensively in an essay format, utilizing additional literature to assist with your knowledge and understanding of course concepts and additional scholarly sources for citations within your paper:


Consider the current issue of organizational structure. Do you believe that Public Allies should be centralized or decentralized? Why?
Discuss the role of the director of the national board in this conflict. Given the different levels of board maturity, what could the board director and members of the board have done differently?
Submit a minimum of four sources, including your course textbook.


Submit your response in a 3- to 4-page Microsoft Word document.

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